We seek to provide an outstanding service to all our patients, so it’s great when we receive positive feedback. Here are just some of the comments we’ve received from women we have already helped…

Our session was 50 minutes. Menopause specialist or not, it was so wonderful to sit with a doctor who had the time to listen to you, explain things in detail, and ask you at the end, several times, whether you had any more questions. I’ve long been an advocate of getting yourself in front of specialists rather than GPs, and this was the perfect example of why. It’s not the NHS doctors’ faults: they’re under extraordinary pressure even without Covid. Within hours, Dr Barber had emailed me a thousand-word report on our appointment, covering absolutely everything. I was very impressed.

Caroline Pover – http://www.carolinepover.info/2021/01/mood-motivation-mind-and-maybe-another-m/