Who do you see at a clinic?

We see women with many different issues in our clinic, you do not need a specific diagnosis and you do not need a letter of referral from your GP or specialist to be seen. Most women self-refer.

You may be experiencing some of the symptoms of the Menopause, but not all of them and want advice. You may be going through the Menopause and what to discuss different HRT options, or you may feel you are not getting the right treatment and want another opinion. You may be worried about early menopause and wish to gain as much knowledge as you start your journey or you may think you have gone through the menopause but are still experiencing side effects.

Woman experience the menopause differently so if have any queries about your suitability please do contact the team.

What can I expect at a Consultation?

A New patient consultation lasts about 50 minutes. You will see our Health Care Assistant (Nurse) first to check your blood pressure and weight before meeting the Doctor. Your appoitnment is an opportunity to discuss all your medical history and any symptoms you have been experiencing. Your specialist will listen to your concerns and then advise about appropriate management options in detail. You are welcome to bring someone with you for support if you wish. You may also need to have some bloods taken at the end of your appointment.