We seek to provide an outstanding service to all our patients, so it’s great when we receive positive feedback. Here are just some of the comments we’ve received from women we have already helped…

Our session was 50 minutes. Menopause specialist or not, it was so wonderful to sit with a doctor who had the time to listen to you, explain things in detail, and ask you at the end, several times, whether you had any more questions. I’ve long been an advocate of getting yourself in front of specialists rather than GPs, and this was the perfect example of why. It’s not the NHS doctors’ faults: they’re under extraordinary pressure even without Covid. Within hours, Dr Barber had emailed me a thousand-word report on our appointment, covering absolutely everything. I was very impressed.

Caroline Pover – http://www.carolinepover.info/2021/01/mood-motivation-mind-and-maybe-another-m/

I’m peri menopausal and have just started HRT. I saw a wonderful menopause specialist (Dr Katie Barber from Oxford Menopause ) who listened to my symptoms and didn’t dismiss them as ‘women’s troubles.’ I felt heard and, above all, valued as a person who deserves to have the best life that’s available. My symptoms are painful joints and muscles, migraines, night sweats, brain fog and an inability to organise myself when once is was pretty darn organised (thank you parents for bearing with me lately). I had visited my GP on several occasions to be told that ‘Some people get migraines and we don’t know why,’ (I was having debilitating migraines every other day at my worst point and pulling over the car full of children to vomit). If you’re having symptoms *please* don’t give up if your GP isn’t listening. You are worth a life lived pain free, comfortable and not in confusion and anxiety.

Emma- Curiosity led Learning | Facebook

Oxford Menopause has literally changed my life.  I made my first appointment following a number of migraines over a period of 6-9 months and whilst I had been told by my GP that I was too young for them to be menopause related, I was fairly convinced that I might be starting my journey into perimenopause.  
My first appointment at Oxford Menopause, and every appointment since, has been a pleasure.  From the outset, I have felt welcomed, listened to and heard, understood, valued and validated.  I was prescribed body identical HRT which more or less stopped the migraines overnight and gave me a new lease of life.  My perimenopausal symptoms continue to come thick and fast but the lovely Dr Katie Barber is working with me to determine the right combination of treatment so that I can manage my busy, busy mid-life as best I can.  
I would wholeheartedly recommend Oxford Menopause to any woman who wonders if they might be having perimenopausal symptoms or is struggling through menopause.  I would not be looking forward to the next 10 years without the care and support of the amazing team at Oxford Menopause.  Thank you for all that you do.”

Victoria Greenham

It was such a pleasure to meet you and you cannot imagine how much better I felt after our appointment.  My medication has arrived and I am starting today.  Thank you so much for taking the time to explain and make me feel so reassured.

Patient Oct21