About Dr Katie Barber

Your menopause specialist

Dr Katie Barber has worked as a GP in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire for the last 13 years.  During her GP training she developed a particular interest in Women’s Health, completing the Diploma of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and Diploma of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare during her training. She has worked in the department of Gynaecology at the John Radcliffe Hospital as a GP with a Special Interest in Gynaecology where her enthusiasm for helping women manage various aspects of the menopause started. She has been awarded the Advanced Certificate of Menopause Care by the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare and is an accredited British Menopause Society specialist and Menopause trainer in Oxfordshire. Dr Barber was Clinical Lead for the NHS Menopause service at the John Radcliffe in Oxfordshire until March 2021 and is now Clinical Lead for the NHS Community Gynaecology Service in Oxfordshire.

As a GP, Dr Barber realised how little training she was given, both at medical school and at a post-graduate level, regarding the menopause and its management. Some women spend almost half of their lives post-menopausally, and for some, this has a significant impact on their home life, relationships, working and health. Recent publicity regarding the menopause has successfully highlighted how many women struggle to access support and advice from their GP’s and understand the role of HRT. 

Since developing her knowledge and expertise in menopause care, Dr Barber has realised that it is not ‘one size fits all’ and that tailoring advice/therapy for women who are experiencing issues around the menopause, while providing accurate, evidence-based information and medication when appropriate, empowers women to feel confident in managing their menopause and enabling them to continue a normal, active life, whatever they choose to do. 

With this in mind, Dr Barber established Oxford Menopause in 2020, currently based in South Oxfordshire, women are able to self-refer to see Dr Barber to review any issues and discuss the need for HRT.